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The classroom as a game

Lee Sheldon teaches game design at Indiana University.  His methods are a bit unconventional.  His class on building massively multiplayer online games is itself structured like an MMO.  Students work in teams called “guilds”, grades are awarded with experience points, and exams are boss fights that guilds work together to complete.  He’s recently started a blog on the class.

One of the themes I’ve been developing is that many things we do in everyday life are indistinguishable from games, but we’re just not used to thinking of them that way.  There’s real value in that insight, because interfaces that cater to those activities can benefit from the same design principles that make games so compelling.


The amazing WiiMote even makes julienne fries

Johnny Lee is a researcher at Carnegie Mellon who has been working on ways that you can use the Wii’s controller to create interfaces for PC’s.  If you haven’t seen his demonstration videos before, they’re definitely worth viewing.  Trust me, you’ll be blown away.

You can connect the WiiMote to any PC with a bluetooth receiver; the software you create from that point is bounded only by your imagination.  The results here are pretty remarkable.  This is a perfect, and particularly literal example of a game innovation extended to conventional UI’s.