Send your questions about the PlayStation Move

Next week I’ll be interviewing Dr. Richard Marks, Sony’s R&D manager of special projects, who developed the EyeToy, PS Eye, and PlayStation Move peripherals.  If you’re not familiar with the Move, it’s a motion controller that uses a video camera to track a wand held by the player, creating a high-precision input device.  A video demo is available here.

In the interview, we’ll be discussing the process of developing entirely new models of user input and the applicability of innovations in game design to conventional interfaces.  If you have specific questions along those lines, please do send them them as comments to this post.


1 comment so far

  1. Ko Kyaw on


    I only have one question.

    Why is that ping-pong ball stuck to the controller? I don’t think it is the best design and you guys can do better.

    Other than that, great job guys! I am gonna buy it once it out.

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