Video game presentation uploaded!

I’ve updloaded a PDF version of my presentation from the 2008 IA Summit,  Extending the Gaming Experience to Conventional UI’s (6mb).  It’s shown in notes view, since much of the content was conveyed through speech with the slides serving as visual aids.  Download it here:

Also, once I receive the audio file I’ll set up a slidecast that will allow the presentation to run automatically with the actual recording from the live session (fun!).  That’s really going to be the ideal way to view it, but it may take a little while.  I will post it here once it’s ready.


4 comments so far

  1. Sebastian on

    Hi John,

    stumbled on this presentation excitedly after seeing the announcement of your Rosenfeld book on twitter today – congrats! Is the presentation downloadable anywhere?

  2. Sebastian on

    Hey John,
    just downloaded it — kthx!

    • ferrarajc on

      Sure thing Sebastian. Please do let me know what you think — I’m very keen to learn more about what pieces interest people most.


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