Miami Preview

The IA Summit starts next week in Miami, and yesterday I got a sneak preview of two of the sessions being presented by my colleagues. (Don’t worry, no spoilers.)

Michael Magoolaghan is relating his experiences participating in the renovation of a local public library and its website. If you’ve ever complained about having insufficient funds for a project, you have nothing to complain about. It’s remarkable how, with no budget to speak of, they applied creative thinking to achieve research objectives in excess of what you see on many funded projects.

I also saw about 85% of Andrew Hinton’s closing plenary. He’s gone a long way toward clarifying how we should conceive of information architecture’s locus in the broader space of user experience. It’s a really great presentation, and I’m sure it’s going to make a big splash.

My own presentation on extending the gaming experience to conventional UI’s is scheduled for 9am on Sunday the 13th (though there’s a possibility that logistical concerns may push it back to 9am on Saturday). I’m really very excited about it, and I think attendees will find it to be interesting and fun.

Looks like we’re heading into a really great conference!


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  1. mmagoo on

    John, thanks for your nice comments on my presentation. By all accounts your presentation was one of the big hits at the Summit this year — congratulations!

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