Mmm, Love that New Blog Smell

Granted, the world suffers no shortage of personal blogs on interface design (a blogroll will be up soon). So I think it’s only appropriate to start out by stating my objectives:

  • The thematic emphasis is broadly stated as “interface design”, which I define to encompass information architecture, usability engineering, ergonomics, human factors, etc. Platforms to be covered will include the Web, desktop software, games, and wireless.
  • My interests shift over time, which should bring some healthy variety to the postings. Over the past year I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about website search engines, video game user interfaces, Web 2.0, and pattern development – so that’ll probably be the emphasis in the near future.
  • This is going to serve as a personal journal for me. At various times I’ll read something terribly interesting, only to lose track of it. I’m hoping this will help me to retain those gems, for my benefit or any reader’s.
  • I’ll try to carve out a unique niche… though I’m not entirely sure yet what that’ll be. But my perspective is often idiosyncratic, and I’ll make an effort to offer something new.
  • For the first three months, I’m going to try to put up two new posts a week. I say this only because writing it down will help me stick to it.

So there it is. A familiar experience, with a bit of ambition mixed in to keep things interesting.


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  1. Jody on

    Smells great from here! Happy to be a new subscriber. 🙂

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